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Drosophila Cell Culture Medium

Drosophila Cell Culture Medium

Drosophila cell lines have a wide range of applications in basic and biomedical research, suitable for biochemical experiments, transcriptomics, functional genomics and biomedical research. The selection of basic medium and additions is a key factor in ensuring the growth and development of Drosophila cells, and further experimental operations such as transformation and imaging.

CD BioSciences dedicated to the development and optimization of Drosophila cell lines for many years, grasps the core technology of Drosophila. We provide quality, research grade Drosophila cell medium and various additions products to customers worldwide.

We also offer other cell culture additions, including insulin, bactopeptone, yeast extract, tryptone and fly extract, for specific Drosophila cell lines, please feel free to contact us.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.