Drosophila miRNA Functional Analysis

There is usually a complex regulatory network of miRNA in vivo, often with multiple miRNAs acting in concert. Although miRNAs and their targets can be analyzed and validated in vitro, their function cannot be fully elucidated. In particular, in Drosophila, miRNAs that play a positive regulatory role have been identified.

CD BioSciences has a team of Drosophila researchers from around the world to provide a comprehensive service for in vivo functional analysis of miRNAs. We disassemble and analyze in vivo function through a general strategy of overexpression and depletion of miRNAs. We offer solutions such as miRNA library construction, miRNA conditional expression mutants, and miRNA sponges to suit different research needs and projects.

miRNAs function analysis in Drosophila

Fig.1 miRNAs function analysis in Drosophila (Chen et al, 2014)

General Strategy

  • Genetic Expression/Depletion of miRNAs
    Using our transgenic platform, CD BioSciences studies the effects of miRNA(s) on various life activities by constructing miRNA(s) gain-of-function or loss-of-function mutants in Drosophila or cell lines. We provide a one-stop solution including transgenic strategy, transformation plasmid design and construction, gene targeting and miRNA quantity. We also provide conditional expression of miRNA libraries for high-throughput studies.
Workflow of genetic expression/depletion of miRNAs - CD BioSciences
  • miRNA Sponges
    CD BioSciences provides an overall service for miRNA functional studies relying on miRNAs sponges technology. miRNA sponge strategy is to generate RNA sequences containing several miRNA-specific loci to isolate endogenous miRNAs and subsequently inhibit their regulatory ability. Currently, it is less used in Drosophila, but several miRNAs have been generated, including miR-2c, -6, -7, -8, -9a, etc. We provide one-stop construction and functional assay services for sponge vectors and libraries. We also provide reporter gene (e.g., dsRed) sponge expression monitoring service.

Technical Highlights

  • Combined with conditional expression system, can be used for miRNA detection such as embryo development
  • Can act on miRNA clusters
  • Facilitates human control and optimization of the system
Workflow of miRNA sponges - CD BioSciences

Why CD BioSciences?

  • Rich experience in Drosophila miRNA research
  • Excellent and professional research team and technical platform
  • Flexible miRNA assay and bioprocess integration services
  • Reliable documented data, results and protocols
  • Fast turnaround, cost-effective and transparent pricing

CD BioSciences is advanced biotechnology company. We are dedicated to Drosophila miRNA functional research and technology development. We provide comprehensive solutions for in vivo miRNA functional analysis, utilizing our technical team to optimize your experimental protocols and results and shorten your project time and effort. There are no limitations of our service. If you need any further information or have any question, please feel free to contact us.


  • Chen YW, et al. (2014). Systematic study of Drosophila microRNA functions using a collection of targeted knockout mutations. Developmental cell. 31.6: 784-800.

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