Drosophila Chromosomal Dynamics

DNA as genetic material does not exist naked, but is stored in the nucleus in the form of chromatin. It is the exposed DNA fragments that have the opportunity to be transcribed and translated. Therefore, the spatial structure of chromatin must be regular and highly controllable, precisely controlling the highly ordered physiological activities of organisms. This belongs to the study of epigenetic regulation.

Drosophila has only four pairs of chromosomes, including three pairs of autosomes, and one pair of sex chromosomes with highly repetitive sequences. Therefore, it is a model organism for studying epigenetics and chromatin dynamics. CD BioSciences provides multiple molecular genetic schemes to reveal the interactions between chromatin and non-coding RNAs and proteins in cell lines and in vivo tissues. In addition, our high-throughput sequencing technology platform helps our clients map the chromatin landscape.

Enrichment of H3K9me2 within the heterochromatin/euchromatin boundaries in Drosophila genome Fig.1 Enrichment of H3K9me2 within the heterochromatin/euchromatin boundaries in Drosophila genome (Brown et al. 2020)

Our Service

  • Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Sequencing (ChIP-Seq)
    CD BioSciences combines chromatin precipitation and high-throughput sequencing technologies to develop protein-specific antibody microarrays (histones, helicases, etc.). Our service includes identifying and enriching the DNA associated with protein binding sites, purifying oligonucleotides through fragmentation, and mapping high-resolution transcription factors and protein-interacting DNA loci at the genome-wide level. CD BioSciences is dedicated to collecting epigenomic datasets over time and in specific tissues, providing a rapid and cost-effective total solution to accelerate the progress of our clients' projects.
  • DNA Methylation Analysis (Bisulfite Sequencing)
    DNA methylation is one of the molecular markers for epigenetic regulation of gene transcription. Although Drosophila DNA methylation levels are not high, low level methylation modifications such as 5-methylcytosine (5mC) are present. CD BioSciences develops Drosophila whole genome bisulfite sequencing platforms to view DNA methylation map.

CD BioSciences is also working to develop sequencing services that capture specific chromosomal spatial conformations. In addition to sequencing and array technology. We also provide fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) chromosomes mapping service for cell lines and tissues, providing useful diagnostics of chromatin structure and dynamics. Please contact our online customer service for more information and a detailed quote.

General Strategy

Strategy of Drosophila Chromosomal Dynamics

Why Choose us?

  • Specialized sequencing platform - supports large scale computing, allowing simultaneous genome-wide multiple sequence alignment analysis from multiple species.
  • Dedicated scientific team - one-to-one experiment planning to ensure scientifically meticulous results.
  • Flexible integral service - reliable data and visual analytics to meet our clients' project needs.
  • Fast and cost-effective supply - 7*24 service, close to customer's purpose, shorten customer's research time.

CD BioSciences addresses full-length sequencing technologies with an expanding database of chromosomal dynamics. We provide each client with personalized analysis reports that elucidate the linkage between genotype and phenotype, genomic variant locus analysis and in-depth prediction. Our services do not stop there. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us for more information and quotes.


  1. Brown EJ, et al. (2020). The Drosophila Y chromosome affects heterochromatin integrity genome-wide. Molecular biology and evolution. 37(10), 2808-2824.

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