Germ Free Drosophila Models Service

The gut microbiota is known as the "second brain" and "second genome" of organisms, and its interaction with growth, development and physiological behavior is currently a hot research spot. As an important vehicle for studying the gut microbiota related researches, the sterile model has a crucial position. We recommend the use of germ free Drosophila models for high-throughput, low-cost screening and mechanistic studies. Compared to mammalian sterile models, Drosophila has an inherent advantage. Both the experimental cost and the experimental period are reduced without the need for ethical considerations. It can be used to identify candidate mechanisms of host-microbe symbiosis related to pathogen exclusion, innate immune regulation, dietary behavior, disease mechanisms and drug metabolism in a high-throughput manner.

CD BioSciences offers germ free Drosophila models of affordability, high-throughput and experimental tractability and feature services to explain complex biology problems in a more simplified way, with our specialized production sterile Drosophila-based system for breeding, testing and delivery.

High-throughput potential of Drosophila in microbial interactionsFig.1 High-throughput potential of Drosophila in microbial interactions(Trinderet al, 2017)
  • Feature Services
  • Why CD BioSciences?
  • Application Fields
  • Project consulting & design
  • Preparation process
  • Dechorionation 8 germ free breeding
  • Medium culture & sequence validation
  • Project delivery
  • Other sterile models customization (optional)
  • Authenticating colonization (optional)
  • Microbial colonization (optional)
  • Germ free Drosophila basic service - Embryo dechorionation, strict sterile rearing, antibiotic added for next three generation to remove endosymbiotic bacteria, such as Wolbachia and Spiroplasma, Drosophila intestinal sterility validation by gut culture, etc.
  • Antibiotic treatment - Depending on the client's experiment, we can feed antibiotics to Drosophila at larval and adult stages for stage-specific sterile treatment. Different sizes of antibiotic mixtures such as kanamycin, ampicillin and doxycycline are available.
  • Sequencing Validation Service (optional) - 16S rDNA or 16S ARDRA (Amplified Ribosomal DNA Restriction Analysis) Sequencing.
  • Mono/poly colonization services (optional) - The mono-associated or poly-associated state of the germ free Drosophila fed with the microbe of interest, clients can send us or tell us the target microbe; verification by selective media, or FISH (Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization), DGGE, 16s rDNA, etc.
  • High-throughput germ free models (optional) – Constructs of various specific sterile Drosophila models that can be used for scientific experiments on human diseases, drug discovery, metabolic mechanisms, innate immunity, neural network regulation, etc. 

In principle, we ship germ free Drosophila as larvae or adults. But different project may have different requires. Our management team will explain the shipping process and precautions specifically to you prior to shipment. Final vials are kept at the factory for two weeks as a backup.

  • Perfect aseptic operation process and equipment - Complete Drosophila stock, and supporting aseptic and microscopic equipment.
  • Professional technicians - Skilled in aseptic operation, Drosophila breeding, transgene technique, microbial culture and sequencing analysis.
  • Standard environmental conditions - Regular cleaning and disinfection, temperature, humidity, and light in accordance with the norms for maintaining Drosophila populations.
  • Robust service system - One-stop service available based on the company's mature transgenic, testing, and data analysis platforms.
  • Fast and stable supply - Competitively priced services and large quantities of high-quality sterile fruit flies in the shortest possible time.
  • Interactions between the in vivo microbiome and pathogenic bacteria
  • Mechanisms of host innate immune regulation
  • Effect of behavior, e.g., diet, on the microbial community in vivo
  • Role of the gut-brain axis in development, physiological regulation, genetics, epigenetic modifications and disease

CD BioSciences provides thoughtful service to our global customers. We provide regular updates and feedback on project progress and issues. Final reports are provided with germ free Drosophila, detailing each manufacturing process, raw results and analytical data. If you are interested in this service or have any question, please feel free to contact us.


  • Trinder M, et al. (2017). Drosophila melanogaster as a High-Throughput Model for Host-Microbiota Interactions. Front Microbiol. 8, 751.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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