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CD BioSciences is a Drosophila-based biotechnology company dedicated to advancing fundamental research and drug development. Identifying and characterizing the phenotype of Drosophila models is a breakthrough in the study of molecular mechanisms. Thereby, we provide our clients with comprehensive in vivo Drosophila phenotypes services, both at the physiological level and at the metabolic molecular level. We use our extensive knowledge to help clients overcome technical challenges and bottlenecks in quantifying disease mutations and phenotypes for drug action. We look forward to a win-win collaboration with our clients.

 Examples of reliable tests for evaluating Drosophila neurodegeneration and dysfunction

Fig.1 Examples of reliable tests for evaluating Drosophila neurodegeneration and dysfunction (McGurk et al. 2015)

Featured Services

We are offering high-quality Drosophila phenotypes services at competitive prices, and there is no limitations in our services.

  • Drosophila Behavior Phenotypes Assay
  • Drosophila is a model organism for studying mechanisms of neurobehavioral regulation. It is critical to characterize and quantify a wide range of Drosophila behaviors rapidly and accurately. CD BioSciences has developed a specialized behavioral identification platform that allows for the development of comprehensive behavioral assays for both larvae and adults.

  • Drosophila Physiological Analysis Service
  • CD BioSciences provides clients with in-depth analysis of physiological data, including critical examinations of vital signs, reproductive function, and motor system functioning. Utilizing these robust datasets allows for the elucidation of multifaceted physiological mechanisms and intrinsic biological characteristics of Drosophila.

  • Drosophila Morphological Analysis Service
  • In the Drosophila Morphological Analysis Service, CD BioSciences provides clients with comprehensive morphological data analysis, including microscopic observation, image acquisition, measurement and analysis, etc., in order to help clients understand the morphological features and structural characteristics of Drosophila.

  • Drosophila Metabolism Analysis Service
  • The analysis of Drosophila metabolic processes is not only fundamental to biochemical genetics, but also to the detailed characterization of energy metabolism. CD BioSciences comprehensively characterizes the processes and changes in Drosophila metabolism through a high-precision and high-throughput analytical platform to accelerate our customers' research progress in bio-metabolic homeostasis and related diseases.

  • Drosophila Quantitative Trait Locus Analysis Service
  • The analysis of quantitative trait loci (QTL) in Drosophila is integral for elucidating the genetic underpinnings of complex traits. It advances our understanding of inheritance patterns, adds depth to our knowledge of genetic diversity, and sheds light on potential disease susceptibilities. CD BioSciences offers exhaustive Drosophila research solutions, leveraging advanced QTL analysis techniques.

Project Process

 Project Process for Drosophila neurodegeneration and dysfunction

Why Choose Us?

  • Rich experience in Drosophila phenotypes analysis - Well-rounded immunology, molecular and cell biology scientists who work together to develop scientific research strategies.
  • Outstanding research team and professional platform - We have a standard Drosophila laboratory and research team to ensure the orderly execution of the project.
  • Unique integrated research service in the fruit fly field - We insist on mastering cutting-edge technologies and providing the most intimate and high-quality services to accelerate the research progress of each client.
  • Reliable data and results - We grasp the results of each experiment, providing raw data, pictures, video and interpretation of the analysis results, etc.
  • Rapid turnaround and cost-effective - We adhere to win-win cooperation and promise to provide the best service and results at the best price.

CD BioSciences has extensive experience in fruit fly field. We provide you with multiple services and products ranging the entire process of using appropriate and efficient gateway. Relying on our proprietary platform, we successfully completed several Drosophila-based research projects. If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact us more information and quotes.


  1. McGurk L, etal. (2015). Drosophila as an in vivo model for human neurodegenerative disease. Genetics. 201(2), 377-402.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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