PhiC31 Integrase System in Drosophila

CD BioSciences is the leading provider of services in the exciting field of Drosophila research. We are proud to offer customized transgenesis services based on the PhiC31 integrase system, a powerful tool in genetic engineering. Our services leverage the PhiC31 integrase-mediated transgenesis system to deliver precise and efficient genetic modifications in Drosophila, enabling researchers to achieve their specific research goals with ease.

PhiC31 Integrase-mediated Transgenesis Systems

The mechanism of the PhiC31 integrase-mediated transgenesis system involves the use of a bacterial enzyme called PhiC31 integrase. This enzyme is capable of recognizing specific DNA sequences known as attP and attB sites. The attP site is naturally present in the fly genome, while the attB site is introduced into the DNA of interest, such as a transgene. The PhiC31 integrase catalyzes a site-specific recombination reaction between the attP and attB sites. This results in the integration of the DNA of interest into the Drosophila genome at the attP site. The integration is permanent and heritable, allowing for stable transmission of the transgene to subsequent generations.

Fig.1 φC31-mediated integration into attP target sites.

Fig.1 φC31-mediated integration into attP target sites. (Bischof J., et al. 2007)

Compared to traditional transgenic techniques, the PhiC31 integrase-mediated transgenesis system provides a highly efficient and reliable method for generating transgenic flies with minimal random integration events. Additionally, the PhiC31 integrase system allows for the integration of larger DNA fragments. This enables the introduction of complex genetic constructs, such as those containing multiple genes or regulatory elements. In summary, the PhiC31 integrase-mediated transgenesis system is a valuable tool for researchers in the field of Drosophila research.

Our Services

We specialize in providing cutting-edge customized transgenesis services based on the PhiC31 integrase system. Our team of experts combines their extensive knowledge of Drosophila research with the power of PhiC31 integrase technology to deliver precise and efficient transgenesis solutions tailored to your specific needs. Here are the key components of our service:


Consultation and Project Design

Our team of experienced scientists will work closely with you to design a customized transgenesis strategy based on the PhiC31 integrase system, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your scientific goals.

Vector Construction and Optimization

Our skilled molecular biologists will utilize their expertise to construct PhiC31-compatible vectors containing your desired genetic elements.

These vectors are meticulously optimized to enhance transgenesis efficiency, leading to higher success rates and reduced off-target effects.

PhiC31-Mediated Transgenesis

In this step, we will microinject the optimized DNA construct into early-stage embryos, ensuring that the PhiC31 integrase efficiently integrates the transgene into the fly genome at the desired attP site.

Selection and Screening

After the injection, we will implement appropriate selection and screening strategies to identify transgenic flies carrying the integrated transgene.

Breeding and Line Establishment

Once transgenic flies are identified, we will establish breeding protocols to generate stable transgenic lines.

We will carefully breed and maintain the flies to ensure the stable inheritance and expression of the transgene in subsequent generations.

Characterization and Validation

Offering comprehensive characterization and validation services, including genome service, phenotypic assessments, and drug screening service to confirm the desired genetic modifications and assess the impact on gene function or phenotype.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Finally, we will analyze the experimental data generated from the transgenic lines and provide a detailed report summarizing the results.

Want to Learn More?

CD BioSciences specialize in providing exceptional services in the field of Drosophila research. Whether you require the generation of transgenic Drosophila lines with specific genetic modifications or need assistance in designing and optimizing your experiments, our customized transgenesis services based on the PhiC31 integrase system offer a reliable and efficient solution. Contact us to discuss your research needs and learn how we can contribute to your scientific endeavors.


  • Bischof J, Maeda R K, Hediger M, et al. An optimized transgenesis system for Drosophila using germ-line-specific φC31 integrases. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2007, 104(9): 3312-3317.

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