GeneSwitch Gal4 System in Drosophila

Rely on the development of ligand-based technologies, a notable strategy, the GeneSwitch Gal4 system has been proven its wide usage in gene expression control field. The GeneSwitch Gal4 system, in which a Gal4-progesterone receptor fusion protein is activated by the synthetic steroid mifepristone (RU486) added to food. The drug-inducible system allows gene expression to be regulated at defined developmental stages and in defined cell types in Drosophila.

CD BioSciences integrates multiple cutting-edge technologies to refine more useful fruit flies models supporting researches, range from gene function to single pathway and development mechanism. For many years of exploration, we have established a complete platform for refining and manufacturing customized Gal4-UAS system in Drosophila, beyond the scope of Gal80 variants, GeneSwitch, and split Gal4 system. We offer the best quality solutions to facilitate the development of your researches and projects.

What is GeneSwitch Gal4 System?

GeneSwitch Gal4 system uses a fusion of the Gal4-DNA binding domain, the ligand-binding domain of the human progesterone receptor, and a part of the activation domain of the human progesterone receptor and a part of the activation domain of human NF-kappa-B subunit p65. Transgene expression is induced by adding the drug RU486 (mifepristone) to food. While the response is not as quick as using temperature-sensitive allele, this drug-inducible system is most widely used in Drosophila behavioral, metabolic, and aging studies to exclude the contribution of cytoplasmic and genetic background mutations to observed phenotypes. It avoids adverse effects of the elevated temperatures required by TARGET.

GeneSwitch Gal4-UAS SystemFig.1 GeneSwitch Gal4-UAS System

Workflow of Constructing and Optimization of GeneSwitch Gal4 System

GeneSwitch Gal4-UAS System
  • We collaborate with you to understand your final research expectations. This allows us to make a comprehensive plan, detailing inserting sites, various modification schemes, optimizing Drosophila codon sequences, assembling optimal vector to maximize the chance of success. We have alternatives avoiding confounding effects derived from the use of RU486 under specific circumstances.

  • Depending on the project approach, we offer optimal gene editing tool and GeneSwitch variants (optional) generation. Besides our Gal4 and UAS lines stock, we deploy a variety of gene assembly approaches to get the exact sequences and plasmids needed for appropriate GeneSwitch Gal4 system.

  • Up to 300-embryos are microinjected. Our injection operators have infallible skills and experience. They can obtain precision delivery of transgenesis reagents to Drosophila embryos. We perform a sufficient number of injections that promising >100 crossed G0. And raise the survived larvae to adulthood.

    For experiments with the GeneSwitch system, flies are raised for 4 days on normal food post eclosion and then keep for 10 days on food supplemented with the indicated concentration of RU486, control with ethanol generally. Or application by "larval bathing".

  • In generally, an exogenous marker or reporter helps identify candidates. But there are no limits in screening pathways. For our genomic integrant, we look at each transgenesis (including effector and transactivator transformants) by PCR.

    Once we confirm the ends of the gene insertion have proceed as planned, strains homozygous/heterozygote are crossed. Depending on different project, we have G0 and F1 screening by "visible" marker or sequence validation.

  • As standard, we validate at the genomic level with advanced sequencing and we provide a functional readout that verifies system efficiency. We offer survival and physiologically active assessment to ensure the quality of GeneSwitch lines.

Our Services

During the fruit flies engineering process, our team performs the desired edit(s) defined in the statement of work. We provide regular updates and in-time messages if any issue or complication happen during the manufacturing process.

We ship final transformants in either larvae or adults. Technologically, balancing is necessary if the mutation is homozygous lethal or sterile. We send you F1 homozygous or balanced stable transformants flies. The final transformants vials are maintained in the facility for two weeks as backup.


  • Drosophila behavioral studies
  • Metabolic studies
  • Aging studies
  • Metamorphosis

Why CD BioSciences?

  • Record-proven expertise and experience in GeneSwitch Gal4 system and Drosophila.
  • Consistent results and superior efficiency.
  • Fast turnaround services.
  • Best after-sale service in GeneSwitch adverse drug administration reactions.

CD BioSciences is committed to providing highly customized comprehensive solutions with the best quality to enable our global clients' projects. We offer one-stop GeneSwitch Gal4 system construction and modification strategy for gene function and mechanism researches in Drosophila. For more information, don not hesitate to contact us, you can quickly attain your high-quality GeneSwitch system Drosophila lines and study gene expression in many different tissue types!

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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