Introduction to Drosophila

Drosophila are widely used in scientific research as a model organism due to their short life cycle, small size, and genetic similarities to humans. CD BioSciences is dedicated to advancing clients' discoveries using Drosophila in academic and industrial domains, such as genetics, development, neuroscience, and biomedical science. We offer a variety of Drosophila-based services to increase the speed and success of our clients' projects.

Introduction to Drosophila

Drosophila melanogaster, commonly known as fruit flies, are small insects that belong to the Drosophilidae family. The structure of these critters is characterized by a segmented body with three pairs of legs and a pair of biologically functional wings. Thanks to their compound eyes, fruit flies have outstanding visual abilities, while their olfactory receptors show increased sensitivity and help detect odor molecules.

Why is Drosophila widely used as a model organism?

The structures of Drosophila closely resemble a variety of mammalian structures, including the central nervous system, the respiratory system, the digestive system, the reproductive system, the sensory organs, and the compound eye. Because of these similarities, Drosophila research can often be applied to understand human biology and diseases.

Drosophila Service

For well over a century, this species has extensively served as a preeminent model organism within the research community, facilitating the study of diverse disciplines encompassing genetics, developmental biology, behavioral analysis, disease modeling, and myriad other fundamental biological processes.

Our Services

CD BioSciences has an experienced Drosophila research team and a complete Drosophila experimental platform. With our expertise, we can provide our clients with both standard and innovative Drosophila research solutions, and we are always ready to follow up and communicate with the progress of the project to provide our clients with high-quality service content. We provide Drosophila research services including but not limited to:

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At CD BioSciences, we are a collective of seasoned experts specializing in Drosophila biology. Our approach combines avant-garde technology with stringent methodologies to produce reliable and precise data and outcomes. The services we offer are carefully planned to meet the specific needs of fruit fly research. Please feel free to contact us for any of your inquiries.

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