Drosophila Lipidomic Analysis Service

CD BioSciences are dedicated to advancing research and discovery through cutting-edge scientific solutions. We specifically provide specialized Drosophila lipidomic analysis services, a holistic platform enabling in-depth exploration into the complex realm of lipids as part of Drosophila research.

Introduction to Drosophila Lipidomics

Drosophila lipidomic analysis involves the comprehensive study of lipid molecules present within the Drosophila melanogaster. This process encompasses the identification, quantification, and characterization of diverse lipid classes, such as fatty acids, phospholipids, sterols, and more, within the organism.

Fig.1 Time-course lipidomic profiling of Drosophila hemolymph after Ecc15 infection reveals a dynamic remodeling of lipid profiles.

Fig.1 Time-course lipidomic profiling of Drosophila hemolymph after Ecc15 infection reveals a dynamic remodeling of lipid profiles. (Deng Z., et al. 2022)

Mass spectrometry and chromatography are used to separate and analyze Drosophila lipid species. By comparing lipid profiles under different conditions, researchers can uncover insights into the impact of genetic modifications, environmental factors, and dietary changes on lipid metabolism and cellular functions.

In summary, Drosophila lipidomics offers a powerful platform to uncover conserved metabolic pathways and potential therapeutic targets, contributing to our understanding of lipid-related disorders and the broader implications for human health.

Our Services

CD BioSciences utilizes cutting-edge technology platforms and extensive expertise to provide comprehensive Drosophila liposome analysis services, including identification and quantification of lipid classes, subclasses and individual lipid species, as well as providing you with a comprehensive lipid profile. Specifically, we provide Drosophila lipidomics services including but not limited to:

Lipid Types and Distribution
To study the differences in lipid distribution and composition among different organs, developmental stages and genotypes in Drosophila, and to elucidate the metabolic pathways of different types of lipids and their interrelationships.

Lipids and Cell Signaling
To study the effects and mechanisms of Drosophila lipids on cell signaling, and to explore how lipids are involved in cell growth, differentiation, apoptosis and other life activities.

Lipid Synthesis and Metabolism
To study the process of lipid synthesis, metabolic pathways and regulatory mechanisms in Drosophila, including fatty acid synthesis, phospholipid synthesis, and cholesterol synthesis, and to explore the interactions between different metabolic pathways.

Lipids and Disease
To study the relationship between lipid abnormalities and metabolic diseases in Drosophila, and to investigate the role of lipid abnormalities in the pathogenesis of metabolic diseases and their mechanisms, so as to provide reference for the prevention and treatment of related diseases in human beings.

Want to Learn More?

CD BioSciences is committed to being your trusted partner in advanced Drosophila research. Whether you are investigating the effects of genetic modifications, environmental factors, or new interventions on lipid metabolism in Drosophila, our lipidomics analysis services provide a powerful solution for your research needs. Contact us to learn more about our service and discuss how we can assist you in your Drosophila research endeavors.


  • Deng Z, Yang Y, Luo J, et al. An Integrated Transcriptomics and Lipidomics Analysis Reveals That Ergosterol Is Required for Host Defense Against Bacterial Infection in Drosophila. Frontiers in Immunology, 2022, 13: 933137.

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