Small Molecule Screening In Drosophila Cell

Drosophila cell lines have been widely used to study a variety of conserved biological processes including mitosis, insulin signal pathway, wound healing and drug discovery. It is particularly important to develop efficient and rapid analytical methods, as small molecule screening is an important tool for investigating disease therapeutic targets, drug resistance, drug toxicological responses, and mechanisms of conserved signaling pathways. We recommend that our clients begin researches with Drosophila cell line screening. Cell lines can be used as an early test and important complement to in vivo models, allowing for rapid narrowing of potential drug candidates and increased positive hit rates.

CD BioSciences as a biotech company in Drosophila field, offers a comprehensive (disease) cell line modeling and small molecule (or drug) screening service. Compared to in vivo models, our Drosophila cell cultures offer the advantages of low cost, rapidity, and ease of large-scale screening. We work closely with our clients to provide composite screening schemes and multiple cell phenotype data analysis. Our in-house database contains over 10,000 compound (natural products and synthetic compounds) data. Thereby, we are experts in assessing the ability of small molecules (drug) to inhibit, activate or modulate a target or biological process, to accelerate your screening efficiency and time.

Common approaches for small molecule screening in Drosophila cell

Fig.1 Common approaches for small molecule screening in Drosophila cell

Our Service

CD BioSciences provides our clients with a robust and reliable one-stop shop for (high-throughput) screening and analysis of small molecule compounds to accelerate disease and mechanism research and drug development efforts. Our services cover but are not limiting to the following:

Strategy Options

  • Reverse Screening Strategy
  • Forward Screening Strategy
Item Options Details
Multigenetic Cell Lines Screening
  • Simulates complex genotypes of diseases and conserved pathways
  • Facilitating the study of oncology, metabolic diseases and drug screening
Multi-Cell Line Screening
  • Comparing multiple gene expression profiles
  • High accuracy of results
Drug Combination Screening
  • Using drug combination, identifying synergistic and antagonistic interactions

Data Analysis

  • Biologically Active Compounds Identification
  • Small Molecule Synergism
  • Drug Resistance
  • Genomic Analysis
  • Drug Toxicity Characterization
  • Pharmacodynamics / Pharmacokinetic Analysis
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Transcriptome Analysis

Service Workflow

Service Workflow

Why Choose us?

  • Powerful in-house database - capable of screening compound combinations optimized  for specific applications, including novel drugs and active molecules against pests and diseases
  • Dedicated scientific team - enables versatile Drosophila cell modeling as a genetic and biochemical model system
  • Fast and stable cycle time and supply - 7*24 service, close to customer's purpose, shorten customer's research time

CD BioSciences specializes in the identification and development of small molecule compounds. Using our Drosophila research platform, we provide our clients with a high-quality compound detection database, the establishment of evaluation and analysis models, relevant analytical data (numerical and graphical), and complete experimental reports. Our 24-hour online service is always available for technical support. Our services do not stop there. If you are interested in or have any question, please feel free to contact us.


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For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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