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Drosophila Food

Drosophila Food

Drosophila is widely used as a powerful model organism in genetics, developmental biology, aging and biomedical research. Diet and nutrition are significantly related to the growth, development and disease occurrence of individual organisms. Therefore, it is important to standardize the nutritional composition of Drosophila food in researches, ensuring the consistency, reliability, and repeatability of results. It is especially important in nutritional medicine, where diet-disease interactions are studied.

CD BioSciences offers standardized Drosophila food which provides the necessary energy and nutrients for Drosophila growth and is suitable for basic Drosophila research. Our products undergo strict quality control to ensure batch-to-batch homogeneity and standardization of food composition.

We also offer customized foods for specific Drosophila models, including high-calorie diets, high-fat diets, and high-sugar diets, please feel free to contact us.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.