Drosophila Whole Exome Sequencing

CD BioSciences provides efficient exome sequencing services and technical support for Drosophila (or other model insects) with our next-generation sequencing platform and extensive sequencing libraries. Our scientists offer customers with whole coding region sequencing and personalized custom analysis through a faster and more cost-effective alternative to whole genome sequencing.

Whole exome sequencing analyzes the protein-coding genes and flanking intron regions to obtain information on known genome, including single-nucleotide level mutations such as missense, nonsense and synonymous substitutions.

With model insects such as Drosophila as an ideal model for studying pathophysiology, conserved signaling pathways, plant resistance and other fields, unbiased full sequence coverage analysis has become the preferred choice for research protocols. We recommend exon targeted sequencing services. Not only is the dataset smaller and easier to manage and data analysis, but whole exome sequencing enables focused screening for rare (pathogenic) mutations against specific phenotypes (or disease), providing a basis for downstream in vivo validation.

Common approach of whole exome or targeted sequencing and analysisFig.1 Common approach of whole exome or targeted sequencing and analysis

Relying on our sequencing library design and next-generation sequencing platform, we are not limited to coding regions and can expand the targeting content to include non-coding regions, such as microRNA, etc. Customers can contact us for more information and details.

Standard Project Workflow

  • Project inquiry and strategy design
  • Whole exome or targeted exome sequencing services based on our clients' scientific needs.

  • Library construction
    • Large fragment library construction for insect genomes with heterozygous and repetitive sequences.
    • Extensive library kits according to project type and application
    • Highly sensitive and specific targeting of various metabolic pathways and neuromodulation-related regions
  • Sequencing
  • Supports simultaneous sequencing of multiple sample exomes

  • Data analysis and biological interpretation
    • Sequencing comparison, analysis of variant sites
    • Identify associated genes and pathways to identify pathogenic mechanisms, drug targets, signaling markers, etc.
    • Detection of population single nucleotide polymorphism loci and allele frequencies
    • Identify micro exons
  • Project delivery and technical support

Service Features

  • High throughput - The exon data is much smaller than whole genome data, which is suitable for large sample size studies.
  • High efficiency - Through effective sequence screening and enrichment, the target gene data can be obtained more efficiently, as well as deep data mining.
  • Support multiple applications - Cover more gene information of insect biological processes, such as detoxification metabolism, metamorphosis development, toxin secretion and other special metabolic processes, effectively reducing information omission.
  • Full coverage of targeted regions - Comprehensive coverage of coding or non-coding regions, accurate detection of all SNP/InDel/CNV.
  • Personalized analysis process - In addition to the standardized analysis process and quality control, the analysis content can be expanded. Support interspecies/intra-species co-linearity comparisons for more accurate population genetic and phenotype comparison analysis.

Why Choose us?

CD BioSciences is committed to developing technologies for insect genome research. We provide high quality (whole) exon-targeted sequencing technology and analysis services to mine variant loci and predict relevant gene pathways. Our strict quality control and professional technical team provide personalized analysis and result reporting for our global clients. CD BioSciences supports 24-hour online technical inquiries. Our services do not stop there. If you are interested in or have any question, please feel free to contact us.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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