Drosophila Metabolic Rate Detection Analysis Service

Metabolism is defined as the sum of all physical and biochemical processes that produce or consume energy in an organism. Many techniques, including respirometry, have been used to characterize the metabolic output and state of biological systems from cellular assemblies to whole organisms. In Drosophila, CO2 output is directly related to O2 input and is used to reflect metabolic levels and quantify metabolic rates. Metabolic rate metrics have been used in ageing, metabolism and cancer related studies.

CD BioSciences offers our clients (at the individual level) Drosophila metabolic rate detection services with our specialized CO2 analyzer and standard respirometry protocols. In addition, our experienced researchers support highly sensitive, cost effective (multiple simultaneous measurements) operations. CD BioSciences designs to provide insight into the regulation of metabolism from the cell to the individual, understanding the overall function of cells and cellular mechanisms, and helping develop new approaches to treat metabolism-related diseases.

Effect of flight treatments on flight metabolic rate

Fig.1 Effect of flight treatments on flight metabolic rate (Niitepõld et al, 2015)

Our Service

CD BioSciences measures the standard/movement metabolic rate of individual Drosophila by flow-through respirometry using a CO2 gas analyzer in real time. We provide a one-stop service from experimental design, instrument calibration, gas purification, to CO2 yield data collection and processing (readings of CO2 accumulation over seconds to minutes), to metabolic rate combined data analysis. We are equipped with multiple glass measurement chambers to support high throughput and different processing conditions.

Metabolic rate can be combined with other phenotypic data, and CD BioSciences supports a variety of data analysis, including T-test, ANOVA, volcano plot, correlation analysis, etc. 

General Workflow

General Workflow

Why CD BioSciences?

Rich experience in carbohydrates metabolism research of Drosophila

  • Excellent and professional research team and technical testing platform
  • Tightly controlled laboratory for CO2 measurement conditions
  • Repeatable, custom-processed interpreted data
  • Fast turnaround, cost-effective and transparent pricing

CD BioSciences is a global biotechnology company enabling cutting-edge scientific research in Drosophila. We offer customized metabolic rate studies adapted to various mutants based on sensitive, unbiased, and individually adapted CO2 excretion measurement systems. Our team of professionals provides 24 × 7 customer service to every client for saving time and effort. There are no limitations of our service. If you need any further information or have any question, please feel free to contact us.


  • Niitepõld K, et al. (2015). Effects of increased flight on the energetics and life history of the butterfly Speyeria mormonia. PloS one. 10(10), e0140104.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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