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Drosophila Model Construction Service

Due to the clear genetic background and powerful genetic tools, the Drosophila models have made breakthroughs in Biology Science. Drosophila is an important tool for studying gene function, regulatory pathways, signaling, innate immunity and evolutionary development. Our Drosophila models can be used for both basic research on multiple mutations or disease mechanisms, and for initial drug development. We recommend using Drosophila models as a starting point and breakthrough for your research project.

CD BioSciences has a team of professional genetic editors dedicated to providing integrated solutions for Drosophila models in different research areas. Strict quality control procedures guarantee the quality and availability of each model. Using our strong background in Drosophila genomics research and gene editing technologies, we have the ability to customize the most useful models and research protocols for each client, including mechanistic studies of human infections and diseases. We look forward to working with you.

Drosophila models in disease research

Fig.1 Drosophila models in disease research (Younes et al. 2020)

Featured Services

  • Human Disease Drosophila Model
  • Drosophila is highly homologous to the human genome and is widely used in human disease research. CD BioSciences has established a Drosophila genetic platform for human disease research, providing customers with integrated solutions for a variety of complex and monogenic genetic diseases.

  • Drosophila Transgenic Q-system Models Service
  • The Q system is also a commonly used binary system in Drosophila. Dependent on chemical signals, it is easier to precisely control expression patterns and is commonly used in neurological studies or in combination with Gal4-UAS. We are committed to the availability and quality of the Q system Drosophila model.

  • Gal4-UAS System in Drosophila
  • Gal4-UAS is the most common Drosophila binary regulatory system with multiple variants for the study of different gene pathways, tissues and organs. CD BioSciences is dedicated to constructing Drosophila models for precise manipulation of spatial/temporal expression of genes using the Gal4-UAS system. We are capable of proposing modifications and optimizations for our clients' needs and purposes.

  • Germ Free Drosophila Models Service
  • Microorganisms are everywhere. The gut microbiota is reported to be the "second brain" of organisms, involved in regulating various physiological and metabolic activities. CD BioSciences has developed a rigorous sterile Drosophila laboratory with the ability to provide a wide range of germ free Drosophila models and identification services to our clients.


  • Host-pathogen interaction study 
  • Conservative signaling pathway research
  • Human disease mechanism research and drug development
  • Nervous system development and regulation
  • Oncology research
  • Toxicology research
  • Nutritional regulation and metabolism
  • Cellular development and aging

Why CD BioSciences?

Drosophila Model Customization

CD BioSciences is an expert in fruit fly field. We provide professional solutions for Drosophila metabolism analysis. Our team of professionals provides 24 × 7 customer service to every client for saving time and effort. There are no limitations of our service. If you need any further information or have any question, please feel free to contact us for quotes and supports.


  1. Younes S, et al. (2020). Drosophila as a model organism in host–pathogen interaction studies. Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology. 10, 214.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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