Drosophila In Vivo And In Vitro Imaging

Immunohistochemistry is a research technique that uses the principle of antigen-antibody binding in immunology to localize and characterize specific antigens or antibodies in various cells, tissues, and organs of Drosophila with high specificity and precision. Drosophila is a small individual with a complex organ and tissue structure, for example, there are about 100,000 neurons in the brain of adult. Therefore, effective exposure and fixation of samples, selection of antibodies or probes, and reproducible Drosophila staining imaging protocols are critical for visualizing results at the cellular level.

With advanced equipment platforms such as laser scanning confocal microscopy and transmission electron microscopy, CD BioSciences provides total solutions for Drosophila in situ immunohistochemistry, including experimental design, antibody and dye selection, sample dissection and preparation, antibody incubation and staining, to clients worldwide. We provide you with high quality readable results and analytical reports that can be used directly at the end of your project, to help you quickly identify target mutations, proteins or cellular secretion, and cell types, etc.

Real-time imaging of Drosophila larvae

Fig.1 Real-time imaging of Drosophila larvae (Kakanj et al. 2020)

What We Offer

CD BioSciences is dedicated to Drosophila in situ immunohistochemistry, mapping cellular level and even subcellular structures and interconnections between cells. We support dissection, fixation and staining imaging of various tissues and organs (gut, imaginal discs, neurons, fat body, tracheae and haemocytes, etc.) of embryos, larvae and adults. In addition, our sample preparation and imaging services also support transgenic Drosophila samples with endogenous expression of GFP. Our services do not stop there.

In situ Immunohistochemistry
CD BioSciences offers immunohistochemistry services for a variety of sections, including paraffin section, frozen section and floating section, etc. We have a complete antibody platform and color development technology to support enzyme-labeled (HRP, AP), immunofluorescent and fluorochrome-labeled (FRET, NIRF) assays.

Real Time in vivo Imaging
CD BioSciences utilizes an advanced laser cutting method to expose the target site, which, combined with confocal imaging, allows real-time in vivo imaging of larvae and adults. Due to the need to ensure sample activity, we recommend using transgenic Drosophila that specifically express GFP for direct imaging.

Why CD BioSciences?

  • Rich experience in tissue sections and real-time in vivo imaging
  • Advanced Drosophila in vivo processing technology and imaging platform
  • Good quality image results with high resolution  
  • Fast turnaround, cost-effective and transparent pricing

CD BioSciences is an expert in fruit fly field. We provide professional solutions for Drosophila in vivo and in vitro imaging, including every development stage, tissue, and organ. Our team of professionals provides 24 × 7 customer service to every client for saving time and effort. There are no limitations of our service. If you need any further information or have any question, please feel free to contact us.


  • Kakanj P, et al. (2020). Long-term in vivo imaging of Drosophila larvae. Nature protocols. 15(3), 1158-1187.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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