Drosophila Drug Screening Service

With our Drosophila in vivo screening platform, CD BioSciences provides a more flexible, rapid and cost-effective screening analysis service for small molecule actives, including drugs, to help our clients identify new potentially effective compounds and novel targets.

Drug screening in Drosophila in vivo - CD BioSciences

Drosophila has very clear advantages as a model organism for research in human diseases, drug discovery and pest control. The tiny life cycle, low-cost maintenance, and availability of genetic tools ensure favorable development of high-throughput technologies. Simple genomes and 60-70% conserved signaling pathways accelerate the process of drug discovery and basic disease research.

CD BioSciences recommends our Drosophila in vivo Screening Platform, which provides integrated services for model building, phenotypic data collection and screens, omics, and pathway prediction. We work closely with our clients' projects to develop powerful computational methods to support behavioral and bioactivity assays, and in-house synthetic and natural chemical databases to overcome the limitations of in vitro experiments, improve hit rates, and shorten our clients' project timelines.

Common strategy of drug screening in Drosophila in vivo - CD BioSciences

Fig.1 Common strategy of drug screens in Drosophila in vivo

Our Service

CD BioSciences provides a one-stop shop for Drosophila in vivo screens of small molecule compounds (and drugs), including virtual screening, physiological screening and high-throughput screening services. With experienced scientists, rigorous and transparent quality controls, the completeness and accuracy of final report is ensured.

  • Virtual Screening Service
    Virtual screening is typically used in the early stages of screening to narrow down candidate compounds with large scale rapid analysis and increase hit rates to reduce scientific investment. The in-house database allows for multiple evaluations and calculations, including virtual screening of ligands and structures, which can provide target validation, analysis design, secondary screening, and compound optimization data, etc.
  • in vivo Physiological Screening Service
    The physiological phenotype of Drosophila is often very complex, and we offer a complete and reliable physiological screening service, including the collection and screening of difficult-to-quantify data on the whole developmental period, behavior, physiology and biochemistry. Our services are not limited to the following.
Assays Descriptions
Behavioral Assay
  • Feeding, survival, sleeping, locomotion, learning and memory, etc.
  • Important for neurological and intestinal disease studies, etc.
Biochemical Assay
  • Biomarkers, cell death and degradation pathways, cytoskeleton dynamics, organelle dynamics, enzyme viability, endocytic pathways and channel regulators, regulation of neurotransmitters, etc.
  • Custom data acquisition solutions, and using internal unbiased algorithms
Drug Assay
  • Dose array, drug modifications, environmental conditions, combination drugs, drug toxicity, drug resistance, etc.
  • Low-cost, rapid drug discovery
  • High-Throughput Screenings
    We have built a powerful chemical library and automated image acquisition and processing platform, combining multi-omics analysis (genomics, proteomics and metabolomics). Our customers can analyze the interaction of small molecule compounds with proteins, nucleic acids and other bioactive substances to predict and validate important targets and signaling pathways. We provide customers with rapid solutions to reduce the risk of drug failure and research costs.

Why Choose Us?

Drug screening in Drosophila in vivo why choose us - CD BioSciences

CD BioSciences has expertise in the analysis of complex phenotypic readout and compound interactions in Drosophila. In addition, we provide comprehensive bioinformatics analysis by designing a total solution that fits the specific research needs of our clients for Drosophila research. There are no limitations of our service. If you need any further information or have any question, please feel free to contact us.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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