Drosophila Cell-Based Screening

With approximately 14,000 genes and 75% of human genes conserved with its genome, Drosophila serves as a model organism for studying basic bioscience and human disease research. Besides, cell lines are more accurate than in vitro experiments and simpler to manipulate than in vivo directly. Many experiments can be preceded by cellular pilot and validation experiments for screening compounds and potential targets of action. The use of a large number of Drosophila cell lines combined with multiple genetic manipulations for rapid high-throughput screening through visual analysis and digital platforms, is useful for exploring unknown genes and pathways involved in life activities and improving the efficiency of drug screening.

CD BioSciences has years of research experience in array analysis and Drosophila through our immunology, biochemistry and omics platforms. Our expertise and capabilities guarantee fast and reliable results that can be immediately transferred to fully validated in vivo models. We work closely with our clients to provide cell-based screening with fast turnaround and high-quality data to save valuable resources and time.

General workflow of  Drosophila cell screening

Fig.1 General workflow of Drosophila cell screening

Our Service

Phenotypic identification and sorting of individual cells are the rate-limiting steps in cell line research. Taking advantage of the high adaptability of Drosophila to genetic screening, we offer Drosophila Cell CRISPR Screening, Drosophila Cell RNAi Screening and small molecule cell screening services adapted to the different scientific purposes of our clients. We support a wide range of Drosophila cell lines (S2, Kc167, etc.), and can also customize your screened cell lines and subsequent experiments.

Why CD BioSciences?

  • High-quality - Documented experimental procedures and raw results guarantee the reliability of each project
  • Competitive price - Providing better service and enjoying the best price
  • Fast service – 24*7 service, fast response to your project requirements and progress
  • Strict confidentiality system - Providing one-to-one customized service, all information and data are confidential
  • Dedicated research team - Skilled in array analysis and single cell manipulation, and a robust database

CD BioSciences provides thoughtful service to our global customers. We provide regular updates and feedback on project progress and issues. Final reports are provided with germ free Drosophila, detailing each manufacturing process, raw results and analytical data. If you are interested in this service or have any question, please feel free to contact us.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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