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Balancer is an essential and powerful tool for maintaining mutations in populations and an important part of genetic transformation in Drosophila. Although balancer chromosomes have been developed for quite some time, the gene sequences of those have only been sequenced in the last few years. Previously, the selection and use of various balancers came through experience and experimentation.

Although the role of balancing chromosomes is to suppress recombination and mutation at mutant gene sites, and additionally recessive lethal or sterile mutations to aid in phenotypic screening. There is an increasing demand for the use and modification of balancers, as the requirements of Drosophila genome editing techniques become more sophisticated. As an expert in fruit fly field, we offer a range of balancing services, including the construction of stably balanced lines, as well as the analysis and precise modification of balancers.

CD BioSciences helps clients achieve rapid balancing to maintain deleterious mutations in Drosophila and ensure that recombination and loss do not occur. Our abundant balancing stocks and specialized Next-generation Sequencing platforms allow for the stable conservation of individual deleterious alleles and also allow for the availability of balancer chromosomes carrying dominant markers to aid in your progeny phenotype screening. Tailor-made approaches are always competent offered to accomplish every request in balancing.

Commonly used balancer chromosomes in DrosophilaFig.1 Commonly used balancer chromosomes in Drosophila (Miller et al, 2019)
Commonly used balancer chromosomes in Drosophila

Basic Drosophila Balancing service - We offer a wide range of balancer chromosomes, including recessive lethal, dominant visible mutations, recessive visible mutations and custom modified balancers. We recommend choosing the breakpoint close to the location of the mutation being maintained to reduce the possibility of recombination. You only need to inform your mutated gene and locus, mail the mutant, and we will do all the subsequent work for you. In case of recessive lethal mutations, you can mail G0, or we will construct the mutant for you and then complete the balancing.

Unique balancer transgenesis services (optional) - Not only that, we also design balancers carrying transgenes with structural modifications to enhance their function or introduce alternative markers for specific experiments (recombinase or GAL80), or dominant markers that facilitate mutagenesis screening (GFP).

Identification of balancer unknown genome structure (optional) - A precise grasp of recombination, transposition, and mutation is the basis for selecting suitable balancers and facilitating the development of balanced systems. Therefore, our genome sequencing analysis platform provides balancer chromosome sequence analysis services using Next-generation Sequencing technology, aiming to resolve the genomic structure of balancer chromosomes, elucidate the stability and characteristics of balancers at the genetic level, and select and construct more refined balancing requirements.

Genetic validation - All of our projects go through rigorous genetic certification to ensure proper maintenance of your mutant loci and stable generation of your strains.

Project delivery – The final line is mailed to you immediately after the experiment, and a report containing the entire experimental procedure, certified results, viability analysis and balancer genome bioinformatics analysis (if needed) is provided.

  • Rich research experience in Drosophila balanced system
  • Perfect experimental technology and bioinformatics analysis platform
  • Unique comprehensive services for balancer chromosomes research
  • Reliable data and results
  • Fast-turnaround Drosophila maintenance stocks

CD BioSciences has many years of experience in Drosophila balanced system. We have provided professional services and analyses to clients worldwide. 24 x 7 customer service is offered to every customer. If you are interested in balancer chromosomes or have specific requests, please feel free to contact us


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