Drosophila Metabolic Analysis Service

CD BioSciences a leading provider of scientific research and development services, offers a special Drosophila metabolic analysis Service. We use state-of-the-art technology and techniques to analyze various metabolic parameters in Drosophila, enhancing the research in areas such as genetics, nutrition, physiology, and drug development.

Introduction to Drosophila Metabolism

Drosophila metabolism study mainly analyzes the metabolic processes occurring in Drosophila. After Drosophila has been disturbed (e.g., genetic change or environmental change), all small molecule metabolites in Drosophila are analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively to find out the types and quantities of metabolites and their changing patterns, and to find out the relative relationship between the metabolites and physiological and pathological changes.

  • Determination of metabolites

By measuring the changes of metabolites in Drosophila under different conditions, we can understand the types, contents and trends of metabolites in Drosophila under different conditions such as feeding and fasting.

  • Determination of metabolic pathways

By analyzing the measurement results, the main metabolic pathways and metabolic pathways in Drosophila can be determined, including the catabolism, anabolism, and energy conversion of sugars, fats, amino acids and other substances.

Fig.1 Genetic tools and fluorescent probes to characterize the metabolic profiles of Drosophila tumor models.

Fig.1 Genetic tools and fluorescent probes to characterize the metabolic profiles of Drosophila tumor models. (Verheyen, Esther M. 2022)

Drosophila metabolic analysis using advanced instruments such as GC-MS, LC-MS, NMR, etc. is used to understand the metabolic processes occurring in Drosophila to reveal the pathophysiological features of metabolic diseases, to find potential drug targets, and to provide a reference for the prevention and treatment of metabolic diseases.

Our Services

At CD BioSciences, we specialize in executing a comprehensive range of Drosophila metabolic analysis services,and our capabilities extend from fundamental metabolic research to the investigation of intricate biological mechanisms. Our cutting-edge services constitute, but are not confined to:

Types of Drosophila Metabolic Analysis Descriptions
Drosophila Lipidomic Analysis Studying lipid molecules in Drosophila, including lipid types and distribution, lipid synthesis and metabolism
Drosophila Carbohydrate Metabolism Analysis Investigating key regulators of sugar and lipid metabolism in Drosophila and elucidating these metabolic functions and underlying genetic mechanisms
Drosophila Protein Metabolism Analysis Studying the processes of protein synthesis, catabolism, transcription and translation in Drosophila, and how these processes are affected by nutrients and environmental factors.
Drosophila Nucleotide Metabolism Analysis Investigating the synthesis, catabolism and regulation of nucleotides in Drosophila and how these processes affect gene expression and cellular function.

Want to Learn More?

CD BioSciences is dedicated to making significant contributions to advanced Drosophila research by providing bespoke and powerful metabolomics analysis services. Our overriding commitment is to assist as a trusted partner throughout your investigations, offering solutions that precisely address your research requirements. Please get in touch to learn more about our extensive and specialized service offerings in Drosophila metabolomics analysis.


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