Drosophila Cell Line Generation

Drosophila cell lines, not only complement in vivo researches, but are also a major tool for the discovery of fundamental and conserved biological questions. Schneider, Kc, CNS and intervertebral disc cell lines are still the top choice for many applications. However, as research becomes deeper and more refined, there is a need for an increasingly rich source of Drosophila cell lines suitable for biochemical experiments, transcriptomics, functional genomics and biomedical research. The pace of creating new lines is hampered by a variety of factors, including single cell cloning, optimal media formulation and culture conditions that can support new genotypic lines.

CD BioSciences has specialized Drosophila cell line establishment platform and cytogenetic techniques, providing global customers with high-quality cell lines of different origins and different genotypes. Besides, our rigorous standardized cell line authentication process ensures the identity and purity of each cell line. We meet all customer requirements, e.g., applicability to RNAi, CRISPR/Cas9 editing, genetic recombination, high-throughput screening models, etc. Moreover, there is no limit to our research areas to fuel your scientific research, from biomedical applications and signal transduction, to metal biology, metabolism, cell morphology, innate immunity, and more.

You can first check at our Drosophila cell line product list if any line of interest for you available. If not, you can contact us to start cell line customization service.

Overview of Drosophila Cell Lines Generation Fig.1 Overview of Drosophila Cell Lines Generation (Luhur A et al, 2019)
  • Feature Services
  • Workflow
  • Applications

We offer a full range of Drosophila cell line establishment services for Drosophila mutants of different developmental stages, sites and genotypes, including pure and heterozygous Drosophila. Also, with our extensible technology platform (CRISPR, RMCE, etc.), we can provide cellular transgenic modification services that are not limited to Gal4-UAS system, cellular markers, gene editing, large-scale screening, and gene silencing. Just you need to provide the needed cell line type with defined gene composition, we establish your preferred stable Drosophila cell line in 2-3 months to help your research experiment.

Different Sources

  • Embryos
  • Larvae Tissues (Wing disc, CNS, eye-antennal disc, haltere disc, antennal disc, hemolymph, prothoracic leg disc, etc.)
  • Adult Organs
  • Homozygous
  • Heterozygous Lethal
  • Mutations

Cell Line Types

  • Primary Cell Lines
  • Immortalized Cell Lines
  • Haploids
  • Polyploid

Different Genetic Manipulations

  • Traceable & Selectable Markers
  • RASV12 Transgene
  • Gene Knock-Down
  • Gal4-UAS System
  • Gene Knock-In
  • Gene Knock-Out
  • Point Mutation
  • Conditional Knock-Out

Add-On Services

  • Cryopreservation
  • Medium & Culture Conditions Optimization
  • Cells Amplification
  • Protein Expression
  • Biomarker Identification
  • Omics Analysis
  • High-Throughput Screening
Overview of Drosophila Cell Lines Generation
  • Project Communication

A project consultation meeting is necessary, which includes an assessment of the cell line source characteristics and your research objectives. You can provide your own cell lines and Drosophila mutant, or you can purchase cell lines through us. Please mail samples 2-3 months prior to the start of cell line establishment. We need to test the samples for endosymbionts and viruses. For heterozygous mutants, we recommend using conditional dominant cell lethal balancer chromosomes.

  • Design Proposal Determination

We submit a design proposal to you, including a project strategy for creating your custom Drosophila cell line and subsequent information on transgenic manipulation components (if available). Besides, the selection of immortalized Drosophila cells and primary cells, the expression levels of target genes, the effect of gene manipulation on the cell cycle and growth pathway, etc. are offered to you in detail. We will also determine your delivery schedule and shipping time to ensure an orderly project.

  • Establishment

Starting with the collection of embryos, we have a series of Drosophila cell line establishment processes. Sterilization and homogenization are performed for different mutants. We add medium supplements, including insulin, ecdysone, juvenile hormone, adult Drosophila extract, exogenous bacterial peptone, yeast extract, and fetal bovine serum, depending on the cell line.

  • Cell Transfection & Screening (optional)

For transgenic Drosophila cell lines, we will perform transfection and screening validation services. We will test the editing efficiency of the transfection system in commonly used cell lines, such as sgRNA. RNAi does not need to be transfected, only dsRNA is moved into culture. Generally, we use antibiotic resistance or fluorescent markers to enrich and select cells with random transgene inserts into the genome.

  • Single Cell Cloning

Current single cell cloning protocols are designed to provide isolated cells with a medium environment that promotes proliferation. Several cloning methods are available for Drosophila cell culture, including feeder cells, selection media, limited dilutions and combinations of the methods.

  • Cell Line Authentication

The selected clones are genotyped and certified, to ensure single copy insertion of the transgene as much as possible. We offer a variety of authentication methods, STR/SNP, microscopy karyotyping, species specific primers, whole genome sequencing, etc. This final validation process also includes cell viability, cell morphology and mycoplasma negative results after cryopreservation. You will receive a final report summarizing the complete experimental strategy and results, including final validation and transport of your cell line.

  • Downstream Analysis Services (optional)

If your custom cell line project requires more extensive downstream analysis, or if you would like to use a tailored service, our biochemical assays and bioinformatics analysis team, can provide a complete data package to fast track your research. These include: recombinant protein production cell line optimization and protein expression, proteomic assays (Western blot, ICC, flow cytometry, FACS or ELISA), exon sequencing, biomarker identification, cell amplification and cryopreservation, etc.

We are dedicated to the development of cutting-edge applications of Drosophila cell lines, and provide our clients with a complex and holistic research services in biomedicine, bioengineering, high-throughput analysis, and fundamental research.

  • Biomedical Applications - The Drosophila cell lines are easier to do transgenic manipulation, relatively simple and less costly. In addition, the use of our high-throughput screening platform, Drosophila cell lines allows for chemical screening, drug discovery related, and pathogenic infections.
  • Protein Expression - The use of Drosophila cells allows for high-volume production of active proteins, including recombinant protein vaccines. In addition, stable Drosophila cells can also be used for disease marker diagnostics. We offer a total service for Drosophila cell expression line optimization.
  • Fundamental Research - Drosophila cell lines provide a suitable model for basic biological research by means of biochemical analysis and visualization. For example, cell signaling pathways, macromolecular interactions, and apoptosis, etc.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

CD BioSciences works closely with our clients to ensure our Drosophila cell line services truly meet expectations. If you need more information about any of our services or products, please feel free to contact us. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


  • Luhur A, et al. (2019). Generating and working with Drosophila cell cultures: Current challenges and opportunities. Wiley Interdiscip Rev Dev Biol. 8(3), e339.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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