Drosophila Genome-Wide Association Study

Drosophila is a powerful genetic screening model capable of collecting a wide range of mutants with over a thousand susceptibility signals associated with human traits. GWAS is a high-throughput detection and analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP), copy number variation (CNV), chromosomal insertions and deletions. Combined with unbiased phenotypic analysis, it allows screening for molecular markers associated with complex traits and genetic disorders (sleeping, aging, neurodegenerative diseases, etc.), and genetic effects analysis. According to the conservatism of the human genome, Drosophila GWAS provides valuable clues for elusive disease mechanism studies. In addition, Drosophila is capable of phenotyping a wide range of mutants under tightly controlled environmental conditions, detecting interactions between environmental factors and genotypes.

CD BioSciences combines next-generation sequencing (NGS), genotyping, and genetic knowledge to provide Drosophila GWAS service to clients worldwide, accelerating multi-level genomic studies of disease occurrence, population genetics, and complex traits. We focus on the bioscience research of Drosophila, and by associating human genome, we can evaluate various physiological processes, metabolic pathways, and pathogenesis in great detail. Based on genome-wide technologies and a professional data analysis team, CD BioSciences can simultaneously detect thousands of molecular markers in mutants for the discovery of multiple trait-associated mutation loci, quantitative genetic loci, etc.

GWAS experimental design and genetic analysis Fig.1 GWAS experimental design and genetic analysis (Allebrandt et al. 2013, Wangler et al. 2017)

Our Service

  • Drosophila Mutant Populations
    CD BioSciences has developed a powerful Drosophila genetic manipulation platform (RNAi, P-element, CRISPR, etc.) to meet the various needs of our customers. We maintain thousands of human candidate gene-associated Drosophila mutants, allowing us to refine and prioritize candidate genes. In addition, homologous genes can also be used to test key hypotheses, and our dedicated team can use Drosophila populations for rapid phenotypic screening and genotypic analysis to accelerate projects.
  • Custom GWAS Analysis
    Through rigorous sequencing and phenotyping, CD BioSciences offers a wide range of custom GWAS bioinformatics analyses for the study of conserved gene pathways, disease occurrence and the identification of key biomarkers. Our service does not stop there.
  • Bioinformatic Analysis
    • Raw data quality control
    • Alignment against reference genome
    • Genome-wide variation identification
    • Evolutional genetics analysis
    • GWAS (SNP, CNV, candidate gene annotation)
    • LD-block analysis
    • Epigenomic prioritization approach
  • Data analysis
    • QTL analyses
    • Imputation
    • Conditional analyses
    • Fine mapping
  • Add-on testing service
    • Reporter assays
    • In vivo models

General Strategy

Strategy of Drosophila Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS)

Service Features

  • The identification and analysis of novel genetic variants-multi-trait associations.
  • Drosophila powerful and rapid genetic platform facilitates fine targeting of association signals, elucidates genetic mechanisms, and reveals novel disease-associated biology.
  • Combination of Drosophila models and GWAS to identify human disease-associated genotypes for drug development and selection.
  • Generate large sample datasets for easy population and diversity analysis.

Why Choose us?

  • Specialized technology platform - supporting large-scale sequencing and computation, for rapid localization of molecular markers associated with multiple traits
  • Dedicated scientific team - enables versatile Drosophila populations as a genetic and biochemical model system
  • Flexible Integral Services - reliable data and visual analytics to meet our clients' project needs
  • Fast and cost-effective supply - 7*24 service, close to customer's purpose, shorten customer's research time

CD BioSciences specializes in Drosophila GWAS. At the end of the project, we provide the client with raw data (FASTQ), SNP information, in-depth interpretation of the results, and data analysis reports. Our 24-hour online service is always available for technical support. Our services do not stop there. If you are interested in or have any question, please feel free to contact us for more information and quotes.


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