Drosophila Cell-Based Phenotype Assay

The identification and quantification of cellular phenotypic changes is a rate-limiting step and an important process for chemical genetics, and important physiological pathways. In experiments using Drosophila as a research subject, experiments with Drosophila cell lines are pilot experiments and validation of in vivo experiments, enabling rapid evaluation and optimization of reagents, assay protocols, etc. through efficient and rapid phenotype identification. After the target gene is knocked out, knocked down, or overexpressed in cells, we provide a wealth of cellular phenotypic analysis to help our clients study gene function quickly and efficiently.

CD BioSciences offers a comprehensive range of services to detect phenotypic changes in Drosophila cell lines, including increases or decreases in cell product (e.g., protein) production, changes in cell morphology (visual appearance), cell viability, etc. A scalable library of assays is available to assist each client with custom cell phenotype assays, such as antibodies, fluorescent markers, cell staining, transcriptomes, etc. We help our clients design and complete phenotyping services for Drosophila cell lines, providing them with reliable phenotypic results and analytical solutions, saving your research time and effort.

Drosophila Cell Based Phenotype Assay

Our Service

We are equipped with professional scientists and an extensive biochemical laboratory platform to provide rapid positive or negative phenotypic analysis results for a variety of challenging projects, with precision operations and scientific protocols to ensure reproducible and accurate results for each experiment. 

Our cell lines are subjected to mycoplasma testing and STR validation. We provide customers with characterization results for genomic (including mutations, amplifications and fusions) and gene expression profiles (performed by RNA-seq and microarrays) as well as compound or drug responses. If required, we can provide extended characterization profiles such as proteomic analysis and other multi-omics analyses.

Assay Options
Cell Imaging Cell Viability Assays
Cell Cycle Assay Cell Proliferation Assay
Cell Migration Assay Cell Invasion Assay
Cell Apoptosis Assay Clone Formation Assay
Autophagy Assay Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition
Angiogenesis Assay
Add-On Services
Gene Function Prediction Large-Scale Screening
Signal Pathway Prediction

If you can't find what you're looking for in the options above, please contact us for more details on our services.

Standard Workflow

Workflow of Drosophila Cell Based Phenotype Assay

Why CD BioSciences?

  • Well-established cell phenotyping process & equipment - Equipped with laser confocal microscope, flow cytometer, supporting sterile, and imaging equipment.
  • Professional analysts - Skilled in asepsis, cell manipulation, biochemical analysis and immunoassay.
  • Standard live cell workstations - Regularly cleaned and sterilized according to standards, maintaining strict temperature, humidity and light.
  • Complete service system - One-stop service based on our mature cell platform, assay, data analysis and prediction platform.
  • Fast and stable results - Provides competitively priced services and quality phenotypic analysis results in the shortest possible time.

CD BioSciences provides attentive service to our clients worldwide. Our professional technology platform can assist our customers to carry out phenotypic analysis of various mutant Drosophila cells, phenotypic analysis of disease cell lines, drug screening and evaluation, which can accelerate the progress of customers' research and save valuable time. Once the project is completed, we will provide a full report of the results and online technical support. If you are interested in this service or have any question, please feel free to contact us.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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