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Polypropylene Drosophila Vial

  • Catalog Number:  CDV-02
  • Size:  available in multiple specifications


Polypropylene Drosophila vials made of clear polypropylene plastic, have excellent transparency, and no odor. Polypropylene Drosophila vials with well heat resistance can be autoclavable. They are suitable for small-scale rearing of fruit flies in laboratories.

Product Information

Product Name Polypropylene Drosophila Vial
Description Suitable for small-scale rearing of fruit flies in laboratories
Category Drosophila vails
Compatibility Compatible with universal closures, e.g., cotton balls and plugs
Dimensions 25 mm (Diameter) × 95 mm (Height)
Materials Polypropylene
Usage Statement Only for research purposes, not intended for human or animal diagnostic, therapeutic or other uses.
Application For Drosophila or other small insects

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.